UPVC Windows And Doors Have Become One Of The Favourite Choices

Reported by a Popular Journal Construction Times

The uPVC windows and doors market in India has taken a new growth mark over the past decade and so.

As quoted in the popular Journal Construction Times:

How is the market for uPVC windows and doors evolving in the country?

The uPVC windows and doors market in India has taken a new growth mark over the past decade and so. Around two decades ago, when uPVC window and door systems were introduced in India, only a few people showed interest.Due to lack of awareness, people were reluctant to install these systems in their buildings. Gradually through various awareness programs and marketing campaigns (product displays in various exhibitions, conferences etc), people started getting confidence in the uPVC doors and windows. Price sensitivity of Indian market, love for wooden doors and windows, less availability and awareness of the product were the reasons for uPVC window systems that took good time to make its place in the fenestration market. Now in the last 20 years, a lot has been done, uPVC windows and doors have become one of the favourite choices amongst architects, builders, developers and retail customers due to various design and styles, durability, sound insulation, dust resistance, zero water penetration and minimum maintenance over their long service life. Today, the market has Indian and international brands, manufacturing and supplying these modern door and window systems and the numbers of manufacturers and suppliers are increasing year on year. If we see the market trend, uPVC windows and doors market is growing at a rate of 12-15% per annum due to infrastructure growth and customer interest towards advanced and sustainable windows and doors. As of now we can say, uPVC windows and doors market has reached a level where it will only grow and become one of the dominant and favourite materials.

The market for uPVC windows and doors in India is growing rapidly, according to various sources. Some of the factors that are driving the growth are:

  1. Increasing consumer spending on the construction and renovation of commercial and residential buildings.
  2. Booming demand for energy-efficient and impact-resistant housing infrastructure.
  3. Growing awareness about the benefits of uPVC products, such as insulation, recyclability, UV protection, sound insulation, and resistance to saltwater.
  4. Rapid urbanization, high migration of working-class population to urban cities, increased personal disposable income, and rise in residential units.
  5. Shortage of household units in the country, the central government’s initiatives to develop affordable housing for all by 2022, and the construction of several smart cities across the country.

The Indian uPVC doors and windows market is estimated to grow significantly at a CAGR of more than 7% during the forecast period, 2021-2026. The market is expected to expand synergistically in the mid-long term due to several other driving factors, including the adoption of new technologies and materials, such as tilt-and-turn and sliding folding series⁷. The market is also witnessing a surge in the industrial and construction segment, as uPVC products are suitable for various commercial applications.